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01.04.05: My Promise To You! I Promise To Have The New Website Up By The End Of September, Hopefully The 1st Of September. "WHAAAAAA?!" I Hear You Cry. But I'm Away For All Of July And Most Of June Add In A Few Other Things I'm Getting Up To And It Comes To A Pretty Slim Amount Of Time I Have To Rebuild A Website That I've Tinkered With And Added To Over The Course Of 3 Years.

Waaaaay Too Much Work Going On At The Moment! Had To Go Away All Easter On A Trip So Nothing Done Then, And Now It Is Exam Season. Then I Am Away For About 6 Weeks Over The Summer So It Looks Like It Could Be A While Before This Relaunch Is Launched!

D'ya Know, This Is Taking Considerably Longer Than I Had Expected! I Built This Site Up Over Months And Years So To Completely Redo It All Is Taking Some Time; I've Pretty Much Completed The Contacts And Uploads Sections And Now I'm Starting On The Wigan Section. If I Have The Time I Might Add A Few More Bits To The Wigan Section. For Example A Section On The Future Of Wigan About All The Plans For The Town Centre And A Few Predictions Such As The Latics Winning The Champions League Etc. I Got A Spiffy Digital Camera For Crimbo Too So Expect To See Some Local Pics I Guess =P At The Moment I Can Tell You That I Am Expecting The New Website To Launch In About May. Even Over Easter The Uni Have Got Me Doing Work And Next Week I'm Off To Scotland With Them For A Fortnight So That's Another Fortnight Behind, Damned Education!
So Please Keep Your Contributions Coming In They Do Really Help!

pb Online MkIV Is Launched! Well, Sort of. There Is A More Work To Be Done But This Is Effectively How The Website Will Look. I'm Currently Snowed Down With A Lot Of Work At The Moment, So Making Progress On The New Website Is Proving To Be Very Slow, Especially Seen As There Are About 300 Pages To Work Through. The General Idea Of The Website Is Going To Be To Make It More Compatible With Other Browsers, Making It Easier To Navigate, Neaten Up All The Messy Bits And Pieces And To Update And Make A Few Corrections- Please Post Any Ideas You Have In The Guestbook Or Email Me! And I'll Try And Keep You Updated On The Progress Through This. Hopefully, Providing The Workload Lightens, I Will Be Able To Put The New Website Up Around The End Of April.